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1 min read

What could it be?


Scary socks

1 min read

Sockbag, after magic mushrooms.

Scary socks



I may have gone a bit mad on the sock ordering front.


An uncanny likeness...

1 min read

...and I like allsorts!


New web site

1 min read

Check out my new mini site!



My brand new rain gauge, Sunday morning. Why do the gods hate me so...



1 min read

For the first time ever, it makes mathematical sense to buy a lottery ticket...and the website is unavailable!

Here are the numbers I would have chosen. 5,11,32,42,50,59

If they turn up I'll be having words...




1 min read

City being thrashed 0-0


Table setting

Before the mayhem!


Jumper face off.

I win! 

ipv6 ready World IPv6 Launch